About Us

What kind of architecture firm do you get when you cross a magnetic, dynamic, high energy, fast talking, fast thinking, creative female architect with a highly observant, careful, soft talking, attentive, and thorough male architect? You get bold vision combined with thoughtfulness and grace to create structures that are built to last. In short, you get McFarland Davies Architects.

Our firm has a passion for creativity and a commitment to legacy. We are consistently driven by the "Good to Great" concepts of Jim Collins and use them each day to push the flywheel further and faster. We don't just practice smart architecture; we are smart architecture.

For over 25 years, McFarland Davies Architects has provided professional architecture and interior design services around the central state region. With a committed staff of over 20 professionals, the McFarland Davies Architects team has become well known for its expertise and extensive experience in a wide range of projects. We have a lengthy portfolio of works throughout the country which include healthcare, higher education, civic, cultural, and commercial projects. This expertise includes master planning, programming, design, documentation, and construction phase services, including assistance in the selection of interior furniture, artwork, and accessories.

We have completed more than thirty master plans and have developed trademarked programming and planning processes that encourage the input of all involved. Experience is important in the successful outcome of a project and it is our mission to be “the architects of choice when getting it right counts.”

Connie S. McFarland says about her partner
F. Lubbock Davies, III, AIA, LEED AP, CEO:

"Buck is the most technically sound architect in the state of Oklahoma. His father, Frank Davies, Jr. put architecture in his blood so that he thinks like an architect. Buck's expertise is in teaching the staff to design buildings that are constructible, maintainable, expandable, and delightful. His emphasis on keeping focus on the construction budget while working through the details results in projects that are buildable once priced."

F. Lubbock Davies says about his partner
Connie S. McFarland, FAIA, FACHA, President:

"Connie McFarland is the spirit and vision of McFarland Davies Architects. She inspires our firm to live up to our principles of universal respect, quality design, and personal progress. She keeps us pushing the flywheel toward our goal of being the best place to work and learn. She never loses sight of our vision to create designs that inspire. Connie is our director of business development, project definition, and facility programming. She is the most effective facility programmer I have ever seen and she makes it fun. Connie is a great architect and partner."

McFarland Davies Architects measures quality design by asking:

•Is it functional?
•Is it multi-functional?

•Is it durable?

Does it fit our customer?
Is it as simple as possible?
Is the project constructible?
Is it an innovation or

Is it a global design?
Is it easy to maintain?
Is it authentic?
Is it art?
Does it have any added

Are we chasing fashion?
Are we designing for our core

Have we done our homework?
Is it timeless?
Does it cause unnecessary

Adapted from “Let My People Go Surfing,” by Yvon Chouinard, the founder of Patagonia, Inc. Integrated into McFarland Davies Architects Strategic Plan October 2007.